Research Funding

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Competitively Awarded Research Grants Pending:

“Do CDOM Photolability and DOM availability predict bacterial growth efficiency?” NSF DEB Ecosystems Program. $306,010 [2007-2009]. PI.

Active Competitively Awarded Research Grants:

“Pathways of Mercury Evasion from Contaminated Wetlands: A Globally Important Source of Atmospheric Mercury?” “Greater Research Opportunities: Persistent, Bioaccumulative Chemicals”, FY 2004 Science To Achieve Results (STAR) Program, National Center For Environmental Research. $324,767 [2005-2008]. Peters (PI), Windham, Morris (Co-PIs).

“Interactive effects of UV radiation and temperature on pelagic food webs” NSF IRC Program.  $219,706 [2005-2007].  Morris Co-PI.


Past Competitively Awarded Research Grants:

 “Assessing the interactive effects of landscape, climate, and UV radiation on river ecosystems: Modeling transparency to UV radiation and the response of biota”.  EPA S.T.A.R. Program, $825,850
[2002-2006]. Morris (Lead PI), Pazzaglia, Williamson, Hargreaves, Weisman (Co-PIs). 

 "Enhanced ultraviolet-B radiation in natural ecosystems as an added perturbation due to ozone depletion". Inter-American Institute for Global change Research (IAI).  $800,000 [2000-2004]. Morris

"The causes and consequences of seasonal variation in UV transparency in lakes".  NSF Ecosystems, $690,117 [1997 to 2001].  Morris (Lead PI), Williamson, Hargreaves, and Moeller (co-PIs).  

"Attenuation of solar ultraviolet radiation in lakes of Southern Argentina". NSF Division of International Programs, $38,700 [1997-1999], Morris (Lead PI).

"The response of freshwater plankton communities to natural levels of  ultraviolet radiation". NSF, DEB-9306978, $250,000 [1993-1996], Williamson (PI), Morris (Co-PI), Hargreaves, Moeller (co-PIs).

"UV-B radiation and zooplankton community structure across depth and elevation gradients in lakes". NSF Division of International Programs, $29,852 [1993-1994],  Williamson (PI), Morris (co-PI).

Competitively Awarded Training Grants:

REU Site: "Field Research and Database Development in Freshwater Ecology". NSF-REU, $162,536 [1996-1997], Moeller (PI) and Morris (Co-PI).