Graduate Studies

Earth and Environmental Sciences

The Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences at Lehigh University offers both Masters and Doctoral degrees.  Currently there are openings in my lab for students interested in conducting graduate research in a variety of areas outlined in my research interests.  My lab also collaborates closely with other research groups in the department (e.g. paleoecology, geomorphology, aqueous geochemistry, etc.) so it is often possible to develop research projects that combine a variety of disciplines. A variety of support packages are available for well qualified applicants.  These include fellowships, teaching assistantships (TAs), and research assistantships (RAs).  Each package includes tuition remission as well as a monthly stipend.

Note: In addition to other projects listed in my research interests, I am especially interested in recruiting students to work on several projects investigating the role of landscape and land use in regulating carbon transport from small watersheds.

Here is a listing of my past and present graduate students, their projects, and what they are currently doing:

Masters Students:

Christopher Dempsey (in progress). "The role of phosphorus limitation in regulating microbial respiration in streams".

Christopher Mason (2005-2007). “Calibrating plug-flow bioreactors as a tool for assessment of dissolved Organic matter biolability in lotic systems”.

Laura Sterner (2003 to 2004). “Measuring the organic carbon biolability of the Lehigh River using plug-flow biofilm reactors”.  Sterner is currently a project coordinator for a major environmental consulting firm.

 Dani Frisbie (2002-2003). “The photobleaching potential of the Lehigh River at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania”. Frisbie is currently a project coordinator for a major environmental consulting firm.

 Patrick Belmont (2001-2003). “Penetration of ultraviolet radiation in streams of eastern Pennsylvania: topographic controls and the role of suspended particulates”. Belmont continued in Ph.D. program in EES.

 Taryn Filo (1999-2000; Co-advised with C. Moses ). “A synoptic, watershed approach to TMDL’s”.  Filo is currently the women’s diving coach at Lehigh University.

 Lore Ayoub (1995-1997; co-advised with B. Hargreaves). “UV attenuation in lakes: Relative contributions of particulate and soluble material”. Ayoub is currently in Ph.D. program at the University of Maryland)

 Kathy Kresge (1994-1996). “The impact of UV radiation on bacterial growth in lakes of the Pocono Plateau”.  Kresge continued in Ph.D. program in EES.

Ph.D Students:

Patrick Belmont (2003 to 2007; co-advised with F. Pazzaglia) “Landscape Evolution and aquatic Ecology: Longterm sediment dynamics and landscape influences in stream ecosystems.”Belmont is currently in a post doctoral position with NCED at the University of Minnesota . 

Kathy Kresge (1996-2001) “Bacterioplankton, DOM, and UVR: A complex interaction in lakes”.  Kresge is currently has a faculty position in the Biology Department at NorthamptonCommunity College .

Chris Osburn (1995-2000) “Photochemical changes in the dissolved organic matter of Temperate Lakes : Implications for organic matter cycling and lake transparency”. Osburn is currently an assistant professor at North Carolina State University.

Earth and Environmental Sciences